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March Special

Ah, spring! It’s the season of renewal, a time when we all feel the urge to start fresh and make a change. Andrelaxing renew sage blossom massage what better way to do that than with a Renew Sage Massage? This revolutionary massage therapy is perfect for the Spring Equinox and will have you feeling rejuvenated in no time.

If you’ve been searching for an invigorating experience that will bring balance and harmony to your life – look no further! The Renew Sage Massage has it all. From its soothing aromas to its luxurious oils, this massage is sure to give you the ultimate relaxation experience.

Whether you’re looking for relief from muscle tension or just want to take a few moments for yourself, this is just what you need! Get ready for an unforgettable journey into self-care – one that will leave your body feeling refreshed and your mind energized.

Spa Treatment

Renewing yourself with a sage massage during the spring equinox is like taking a breath of fresh air – it’s the perfect way to reset and refresh your body and mind. This spa treatment is ideal for the start of the vernal equinox, allowing you to make the most of the spring season.

The spring equinox marks an important time for reflection, as it’s when day and night are equal in length. With this healing session, you can take advantage of this moment to reset your physical and mental health. Not only will you feel relaxed and rejuvenated afterward, but it also helps promote well-being throughout the spring and fall months.

This spa treatment is a great way to get into the right frame of mind for the new season ahead. It can help clear your head, soothe away any tension or stress, and leave you feeling energized with a positive outlook. Taking care of your wellness during this special time encourages balance in both your body and soul, providing a solid foundation for growth over the upcoming months.

What Are The Benefits Of Sage?

sage oil is antiseptic Like a beacon of light in the night, sage has been used to illuminate the path to better health since ancient times. Its regenerative properties have long made it a staple of traditional medicine, and now its popularity is blooming even further. As we approach the equinox, let’s take a closer look at how this remarkable herb can be used to revitalize our bodies and minds.

The celestial equator is an imaginary line that marks the halfway point between the South Pole and North Pole. Twice a year – when the sun’s rays shine directly on it – this equinox marks the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere when days are equal to nights. This shift in seasons is also mirrored by another important change: The influx of energy from nature that ushers in renewal and growth.

This special massage uses heat therapy to open up pores and allows for deeper penetration into muscles, allowing all-natural essential oils derived from sage to be absorbed into your body. These oils contain powerful antiseptic and antioxidant properties which help reduce inflammation and muscle tension as well as soothe skin irritations like eczema or psoriasis. Additionally, sage releases negative ions which help neutralize stress hormones like cortisol, promote relaxation, and improve mental clarity – making it perfect for welcoming in spring with renewed vigor.

As we move into this season of rebirth, taking time for self-care with a rejuvenating sage massage can be a great way to welcome balance back into your life while benefiting from its therapeutic effects on both body and soul.

What Are The Top 5 Ways Massage Makes You Feel Better

Not only does it feel amazing, but massage can also help reduce stress and improve overall physical well-being in numerous ways. So what are the top 5 ways massage makes you feel better?

First off, massage can promote circulation throughout your body. When the sun crosses the equator and the equinox occurs each March, our bodies experience a shift in energy levels. Massage helps stimulate your circulatory system which can help combat fatigue and bring oxygen and nutrients to vital organs. Additionally, massage encourages relaxation, as it releases endorphins which boost your mood. This is especially beneficial during springtime when the days are getting longer and brighter after months of cold winter darkness – a perfect opportunity for some much needed self-care!

Next, massage increases flexibility by loosening tight muscles – something that’s especially helpful around this time of year when increased hours of sunshine may lead to more outdoor activities. Whether you’re into hiking or running or just playing with your kids in the park, regular massage sessions ensure that your body stays limber enough to move freely without pain or injury. Finally, massage therapy helps ease soreness from overworked muscles so you can stay active all season long!

With its ability to reduce stress while increasing circulation, flexibility, and easing soreness, there’s no doubt that regular massage sessions will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged as you head into summertime.

What Is The Significance Of The Spring Equinox?

The spring equinox is a special moment in the year, when the sun is directly above the earth’s equator. Itspring equinox is time for renewal marks the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere and the end of winter. This event occurs around March 20th or 21st every year, and it’s also known as the vernal equinox.

The equinox marks an important change of season, when days become noticeably longer than nights for those living in the northern hemisphere. After this time, days will grow continuously longer until reaching their peak at the summer solstice. During this time, many people make a point to celebrate with special rituals and events, such as a renewing massage.

This natural cycle has been observed throughout history by cultures all over the world. In addition to celebrating the start of spring, some cultures also recognize its opposite –the autumnal equinox– which marks a shift into shorter days at around September 22nd or 23rd each year.

No matter how you choose to observe it, recognizing these moments can help us appreciate our connection to nature and remember that life is full of cycles and changes.

When Is The Spring Equinox 2023

We are all familiar with the changing of the seasons and the natural cycle of life, but the spring equinox is something special. It marks a new beginning and ushers in a period of renewal – the perfect time to treat yourself to a sage massage! But when exactly is this important day? In 2023, the spring equinox falls on March 20th, kicking off the spring season in the northern hemisphere.

The first day of the new season is known as an equinox because on this day, the sun is directly overhead at noon and night will be equal to day. This astronomical event occurs twice a year when Earth’s axis tilts neither away from nor towards our closest star. During this time, we can observe nature around us coming back to life as flowers bloom and animals start their mating rituals.

The spring equinox represents an opportunity for personal reflection and growth. It’s a chance to take stock of where we are in our lives and consider what changes need to be made to reach our goals. With this fresh perspective, let’s embrace all that comes with it: clear skies, warmer temperatures, and new beginnings.


lavender essential oilThe spring equinox is a great time to get a sage massage. Not only will you reap the benefits of relaxation and improved circulation, but the unique properties of sage make it an ideal ingredient for a spa treatment. After all, you can’t put a price on feeling your best!

A sage massage is the perfect way to reset your body and mind in preparation for the new season, and it’s also an amazing way to show yourself some self-love. With its calming aroma and therapeutic effects, indulging in this spa experience is like giving yourself a warm hug from the inside out.

So if you’re looking for something special to do this spring equinox, consider treating yourself to a sage massage. It’ll be sure to restore balance, bring clarity of mind, and help you feel refreshed and ready for whatever the season has in store! In other words, it’ll be just what the doctor ordered – so why not give it a try?

The 90-Minute Renew Sage Massage includes the earthy scent of sage through my own garden sage smoke and warmed lavender sage towels and oils. ~$120

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