Can a Facial Help With Acne?

During a facial treatment, Eugenia, the best esthetician in Gahanna, does extractions by hand to remove pore blockages and/or comedones (blocked or clogged hair follicles). This is an important step in treating acne because it can help you heal your skin from within.

facials for acne and breakouts

Eugenia, the esthetician, will start by doing a thorough cleanse of your skin, depending on the type that you have. The products used during this facial can help reduce surface oil and dead cells from clogging pores while hydrating or soothing it too! She might also recommend best practices for home use like cleansers without risking acne breakouts; Eugenia is here to take care both inside AND out with our beautiful faces (and bodies).

The best way to get rid of breakouts is by getting facials. Extractions will remove existing acne and stop new ones from forming, but you should still keep up with treatments between appointments because it takes time for your skin’s oil production cycle (which causes clogged pores)to recover after an extraction procedure has been done
-even if that means using over-the-counter products or prescription medication every day!

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